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Pest Control F.A.Q. Questions

pest control faq wichita

How much is a pest control service?

Our one-time general pest service in Wichita for a 2500 sq feet home starts at 69.99 no contracts

Can I do pest control myself?

Many people attempt to try their own pest control and if you don’t have a bad problem sometimes the store-bought stuff works ok. We have been told though that our pesticides have much less odor than the store-bought chemicals

What does pest control include?

Pest control depends on the problem at hand. There are different measures taken of course depending on the pest. While you can email or text us it can be quicker if you call so we can ask all the questions necessary and give an accurate quote

How long does pest control last?

Most treatments for general pests last 60-90 days

While treatments for bed bugs should be done more frequently until the problem is gone. Roaches also require treatments usually done at two-week intervals until irradicated

Is it worth getting pest control?

We have many customers who have testified that getting pest control not only helps them sleep better at night but also helps them feel safer

Can you spray your own house for bugs?

Yes, but many have better results letting the professionals handle their pest control.

How often should pest control be done?

Some do theirs only when they see something while others do on a regular basis bi-monthly or quarterly or even monthly

We even have some customers that only treat spring and fall

Do pest control companies really work?

Ever company is different so it’s important to find a company that u trust and actually see results. Many people love that we don’t require contracts because that allows them to see if they like us without a commitment