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Cockroaches transmit diseases. They also contaminate food and kitchen utensils with excrement and salivary secretions, leaving an unpleasant odor. Cockroaches sometimes produce allergic reactions in humans. The allergy is due to the insect’s body parts, not the odor. Therefore, it is important to make an effort to avoid having these body parts become airborne, e.g. by sweeping, the use of aerosol flushing.

They are also a source that has been linked to asthma in children, and since I grew up with asthma I can tell you that you don’t want it. Roaches live in cracks, crevices, outlets, and anywhere they can. Usually it’s the German roach that is found in most kitchens.

The adult German cockroach is light brown and 1-2 to 5-8 inch long. The head shield is marked with two dark stripes that run lengthwise. Adults are fully winged but cannot fly. Immature German cockroaches are smaller and darker than adults. One of these can produce over 30,000 in one year.

Preparation for Treatment

First stop using store bought sprays a week or two before you call me because the odor in these can contaminate the non repellent spray and baits that I use, and make my treatment less effective.


  • Clean bathroom and kitchen areas before treatment because you wont want to use any chemical cleaners around the spray and baits for a few weeks while it is working to remove all roaches
  • Remove outlet covers in kitchen and bathroom and especially the ones behind stove and fridge.

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