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Where Chiggers Are Found

Chiggers are found throughout the world. In Europe and North America, they tend to be more prevalent in the hot and humid regions. In the more temperate regions, they are found only during the summer (in France, chiggers are called aoûtat because they are common in August). In the United States, they are found mostly in the southeast, the south, and the Midwest. They are not present, or barely found, in far northern areas, high mountains, and deserts. In the British Isles, the species Trombicula autumnalis is called harvest mites, in North America the species Trombicula alfreddugesi, and the species Trombicula (eutrombicula) hirsti which are found in Australia and are commonly called the scrub-itch mite.

Handling Chigger Bites

Because chigger bites are a complex combination of enzymes, allergy and immune responses and possible secondary bacterial infection subject to local influences, no one remedy works equally well for most people. The chiggers’ digestive enzymes in the saliva causes insanely itchy welts. The itching can be alleviated through use of over-the-counter topical corticosteroids and antihistamines.

According to Mayo Clinic, the chiggers “fall off after a few days, leaving behind red, itchy welts” which normally heal on their own within one to two weeks. Hot showers or baths also will help reduce itching. In cases of severe dermatitis or secondary infection associated with chigger bites, a doctor should be consulted.

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