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Pest Control F.A.Q’s Continued

Can I fumigate my house myself?

Fumigation usually is when someone has a professional tarp the entire home and pump poisonous gas into the house so no most can’t do this themselves. Actually, most companies don’t even offer tent fumigation. When we spray it’s usually just referred to as pest control

How long does exterminator spray last?

The length depends on what type of pest. Anywhere from one week to 3 months

How do I get rid of bugs in my house naturally?

Many times the homeowner can seal up cracks and crevices and make sure to keep food and seed sealed up. Having a clean home also helps and little clutter

Does pest control spray in bedrooms?

Yes we typically spray most baseboards unleaded asked not to

Is it safe to be in the house after pest control?

We recommend staying out of treated areas until dry

Is monthly pest control necessary?

Depends on the problem and also if one is located near a bad problem. Places like a field or a problem with a nearby neighbor

What should I do after pest control? Can I fumigate my house myself?

They are over the counter pesticides the problem with them is they are so commonly used many bugs are immune

What scent gets rid of bugs?

Peppermint or other essential oils can prove to be good contact killers