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Pest infestation is very common among homes and businesses in Wichita. What is a pest? A pest is a plant or animal detrimental to humans or human concerns. In its broadest sense, a pest is a competitor of humanity. A pest is any living organism that is invasive or prolific, detrimental, troublesome, noxious, destructive, a nuisance to either plants or animals, human or human concerns, livestock, human structures, wild ecosystems, and more.

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Why Use Brown Reclusinator?

  • No contracts, all pest control maintenance is monthly
  • Lowest price guaranteed we will beat any competitors price in the Wichita area
  • Personal service, talk to the technician, no salespeople or automated systems
  • Family-owned, friendly and understanding
  • 15+ years experience in exterminating
  • Never a cut corner, super detailed and thorough, every time

Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial environments are extremely prone to pests invading their properties. Prevention and treatment for commercial offices and buildings in Wichita should be treated immediately. Whether it’s a 24-hour emergency call, a one time visit, or a long term maintenance verbal agreement we can provide the appropriate solution.